Tuesday, September 29, 2015

When Storm Clouds Gather

I wrote the following photo essay at the end of August, as we kept an eye on tropical system Erika.  Then I thought about storm preparation and how it might be a metaphor for all sorts of activities.  Now, with the words of the Pope ringing in my ears, the photo essay seems different yet again.  And of course, there are darker meanings, as we watch various people talk about what should be done in Syria, in Iran, and here at home.

As storm clouds gather, we have an opportunity to meditate on power, how we preserve it, how we squander it, and how we give it away:

Let the batteries not die.  Let us remember the true source of our light:

As we fill up the water bottles, we can remember what refreshes us; we can resolve to partake in more life-restoring activities:

Let us take time to savor the sweetness, especially when storms approach:

As we shutter the windows, we can also protect the fragile and the breakable:

We must cling to the ultimate promise:  the sun will come out, and order will be restored:

(with the exception of the sunrise beach picture, the other pictures were taken in August of 2012, as we prepared for Hurricane Isaac, which stayed to our south)

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