Saturday, November 7, 2015

Photo Quest: a Sunrise Walk on the Beach

My morning is somewhat different from other Saturdays.  Ordinarily I'd be on my way to spin class--but after 2 days of dealing with Boat Show traffic, I've decided not to head north on Highway 1 (my little gym where I go for spin class is in Broward General Hospital, which would put me in the thick of boat show traffic headed there).

My friend asked if I wanted to take a walk to go to watch the sun rise at the beach--it's an activity I do far less often than I'd like.  I said yes.  I decided to take a camera, since I'm on the lookout for shots that might make a good cover for my forthcoming chapbook, Life in the Holocene Extinction.

I don't think I like any of the pictures that I took today as well as the pictures that I took on Tuesday (see this blog post for some of Tuesday's photos).  This photo of the sunrise looks suitably apocalyptic:

Or perhaps this one:

This tree trunk has potential:

I like the mermaid, but the shot lacks something.  I thought that adding the beer can might say something about disposable culture, but it doesn't really.

But for the fun of comparing, here are some of the shots that my friend Pam Ward took in color, and my black and white photos:

The mermaid wall:

And mermaid hair!

It wasn't until I saw the color shot of the mermaid hair that I started thinking of a poem.  I thought of envying the mermaid hair, and I wondered why--my hair color is similar to hers.  But I love the shiny aspect, the uniformity of the mosaic.  I thought of this particular mermaid, who is so much closer to a creature made of shells and crustaceans than a creature made of both human and fish flesh.

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