Saturday, January 23, 2016

Saturday Snippets: Weather and Writing Feedback

--I have been enjoying people's Facebook pictures of snow and sleds and cozy fireplaces.  I am all too happy to admit that although the pictures make me feel a bit wistful, I am glad not to have to deal with snow.

--We had record rainfall amounts yesterday.  I got soaked several times yesterday as I made my way through errands and parking.

--I had a good day for writing feedback--in the morning, I met my writer friend for our short story exchange--she's writing a remarkable series, and I always look forward to seeing what she does with the theme.  She always delights in my work, so it's a treat in many ways.  I know that I wouldn't have written as many short stories as I have in the past few years if we didn't have these reading/writing commitments to each other.

--She's currently reading A Tale of Two Cities and in love with Dickens again.  I suggested that we both read Hard Times next.  I looked at my bookshelf, and while I have hung onto many volumes by Dickens, and while I have had several versions of Hard Times, I no longer have even one.  Happily, it should be easy to find a copy.

--In the evening, I found out that I didn't win one of the book contests to which I sent my collection of poems.  But I got a wonderfully encouraging note from the editor.

--I have often wondered if I'm just fooling myself, if my manuscript isn't as ready as I think it is (and often, my thoughts spiral down from there).  But yesterday's note made me feel my manuscript is in good shape, and that eventually, it will find a home.

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