Wednesday, February 24, 2016

On Hope, and Abandoning It, Or Not

Yesterday I decided to take advantage of a strangely quiet afternoon to get a mandatory training done.  These are now done by way of a series of slides, followed by a quiz.  Yesterday's topic:  security issues surrounding information of all sorts.

It took over 5 minutes for the PowerPoint slides to load, so I dipped into Mary Jo Bang's translation of Inferno.  I continued to read a bit as the narrator for the training session told me about all the different kinds of information I might encounter and how to keep each kind safe.

It's information that doesn't change much from year to year, yet we have to do the training each year.  The safeguarding of the information seems obvious to me:  be aware of copy machines and printers that are in communal places, shred paper that has any kind of identifying information or numbers, lock up what you can't shred, don't give people access to your work computer.

It was a circular kind of presentation that mirrored the journey in Inferno.  We got a preview, we got information, we got a review, and then we had a quiz.  I suspect that reading Inferno will be similar.

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