Sunday, October 9, 2016

Nightmares, Hurricane and Political

--Last night, for about the first four hours of sleep, I had horrible hurricane nightmares:  dreams of high winds and deep water and darkness.

--I am aware that I am lucky--I get to wake up from my hurricane nightmares.

--My spouse got up around midnight, and I did too.  We watched Saturday Night Live, which was quite good last night.  I had wanted to see what the show would say about the latest Donald Trump scandal, and I was glad we could watch Week-end Update on the show.

--Donald Trump has said all sorts of outrageous things, and I, too, wonder why the Republicans are only jumping ship now, with the latest revelations of what sounds like sexual assault to me. 

--Again, I realize that I am lucky.  I have had no bosses who treated me crudely.  I am in a field where I am valued for my brains, and I am not treated badly because of my intellect (or for any other reason).  I am part of a generation lucky enough to have the expectation that boundaries would be respected, and I know what to do if they aren't.  I am also lucky because I am large and loud and a bully will choose someone else as a likely victim.  And my status as a first world citizen, even though I am female, buys me protection that I am hardly aware of most days--likewise for my race and class.

--I predict that Trump will not come to tonight's debate--he won't want to face that town hall style of questioning.

--What a nightmare this political season has been.  It sounds like even if a political candidate does serious misdeeds, the candidate cannot be forced to step down.  And the question must be asked:  did no one in the higher up realms of the Republican party vet this candidate?  How have events come to this pass?

--And if the candidate did step down, early voting is underway in many states--it's unclear what the implications would be.

--Yes, if I'm thinking about politics, it must mean that life is settling back to "normal."

--At some point, I'll wonder why I didn't get more writing done during this down time.  I had a lot of grading to get done, and I wanted to plow through it while I had power.  So that explains one day.  Hmm.

--Well, let me not beat myself up too much.  This week I want to finish my apocalypse gal story and write poems on two days out of the week.  That should be doable.

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