Saturday, June 3, 2017

Friday Evening on the Porch

Last night was another lovely night on the porch.  We hurried to get our Friday night hamburgers grilled before the rain came, and then we relaxed.

We ate our burgers--sloppy because we had burgers bigger than our 2 remaining buns that were in the freezer.  And because they were sloppy, we cleaned up right away.

We made some more sugar syrup, since we're both enjoying the white wine sangria I've been making.  Luckily I was in a hurry and didn't let the syrup come to a rolling boil--when I poured it into the pitcher, some of it went on my hand.  When it first happened, I thought, oh boy, now I've done it.  We treated my hand with aloe gel and ice, and this morning, it hardly hurts at all. 

We went back to the porch, where the rain had gotten serious.  I held ice cubes in an old sock in my hand and started rereading Colson Whitehead's Underground Railroad--I waxed so enthusiastic about the book when I first read it that a friend from church read it too, as did her sister, and her sister's friend.  They asked if I'd meet them to talk about the book--of course!

It's taken awhile for us to find a day when we're all free, so by now, it's been awhile since I've read the book.  I thought I would just skim it, but it's so compelling that I immersed myself in it.  What an amazing book.  In terms of admiration for what the author is attempting, this book may be the best of this year. 

It was a lovely evening, one that I needed.  We had Monday off, but the rest of my work week left me feeling tired, including a late night Thursday at a wonderful Allied Health Professional Advisory Committee meeting.

It occurs to me that I'll have book folks arriving soon, so let me bring this post to a close and get started on the morning.

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