Thursday, January 4, 2018

Snow Day Envy

We have awakened to very chilly temperatures down here:  somewhere in the 40's, the radio tells me.  Those of you further to the north and snort, "Amateurs!"  All yesterday afternoon, I saw Facebook posts from friends in coastal areas that usually get no snow, like the 5 inches that fell on Charleston, SC.  I'm feeling a bit jealous, even as I don't want the huge dump of snow that's coming to the states in New England.

I'd like a snow day--I've been having a good writing morning.  I've been working on the short story that I began in the summer, about a woman who teaches Animation at a for-profit art school who starts having dreams where God is speaking to her.  But God doesn't look like we'd expect--God is some sort of quilter, but in a frumpy, middle-aged white woman kind of way, not a wise-elder, African American kind of way.  God tells her to repair the frayed fabric, and the main character isn't be sure of what to do exactly.

When I first started writing the story, I had no idea where it would go.  After my summer trip to Mepkin Abbey, I had the animator join her friend there.  She has a vision of the spirit of Harriet Tubman, who may have arrived to help teens save the world--or has she come back to destroy the world?  The animator and her friend create a film but can't figure out the ending.

Now I'm at the end of the story--I think.  The faculty member has received a letter by registered mail that tells her she must come to a meeting with a corporate higher-up.  As she thinks about what this might mean, she figures out how to end the film.

So it would be nice to have a snow day to keep working.  But maybe it's good that I don't--I'm still not sure how to end the story.

So off I will go to school.  It should be a fairly low-key day, sandwiched between 2 high energy days (New Student Orientation last night, Faculty Development session tomorrow).  The only unusual item on my schedule is some shopping to restock supplies:  paper products, bleach, that kind of non-glamorous stuff.   Not as much fun as shopping for food for an open house, but necessary.

And while I go about the tasks of my day, my subconscious will be working on that ending!

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