Thursday, July 12, 2018

Creative Happinesses

Yesterday a student came to my office to ask, "Do you have any art supplies?"  That made me inordinately happy.  Of course I have art supplies!  She only wanted scissors.  But I was happy to be seen as a source of creative ingredients.

This week, I have had many small moments of happiness like that one.  I wrote this Facebook post on Tuesday:  "What I like best about this Supreme Court nominee: hearing an NPR newscaster say, 'And he's really young--he's only 53 years old.' I also like that he has had a long career in the law, and while I don't always agree with his opinions, at least he wasn't appointed to a federal bench 12 weeks ago or plucked from some stupid TV show and asked to serve a lifetime appointment."

I was so relieved that Trump didn't choose some 28 year old hot shot.  Part of that relief comes from the fact that a 28 year old will sit on the bench a long time.  But I was also relieved because the choice seems sensible.

And as someone who hopes that she still has time to make her mark on the world, I was also relieved.  Slow, steady progress can pay off.

As I have been watching my collection of linked short stories coming together, I've felt energized enough to send out some of those stories to the few journals that are reading during the summer.  I did notice that Glimmer Train Stories will be coming to a close in the not-too-distant future.  That brought me a tinge of sadness.  I remember when the journal began, and I've submitted off and on.  It's a beautiful journal, and it's had a good run of almost 30 years (gasp!)--the editors are simply ready to turn their attention elsewhere.

Yesterday I did a bit of poetry revising.  I've been thinking about the snake bite kit as a symbol.  I keep mine on my nightstand, in a small bowl, along with my very dull Girl Scout knife.  As I've been wrestling with the poem, I'm realizing how often I put lots of story into many poems.   That's not a surprise, but even when I sit down to create a pared down revision, the story still wants to creep in.

I am happy to write poems and stories, still, after all these years.  I am happy to have an office that is stocked with craft supplies, tea, and all sorts of academic resources.  I am happy that I can still take a walk to the beach--which I need to do now, before the day goes into full swing.

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