Friday, April 2, 2010

Thinking about Sanctuary on Good Friday

Over at his blog, Steven Schroeder gives us a writing prompt:

I don't like doing random drawings, so in order to win, you need to answer the following question: If you were creating a world, what would you create first? All you have to do to enter is answer on the blog

The reward? We're entered into a drawing for free books if we play (see Kelli's blog for complete list of bloggers giving books away).

I'm always game for a good writing prompt, especially one that lets me envision new worlds. Here's what I wrote:

I would create spots of sanctuary to leave throughout the world I would create. Some spots would be quiet and austere, while some would be festive parties. Some sanctuaries would have chocolate and fine wine, and some would have fresh fruit and water from deep springs. Some sanctuaries would have soft beds surrounded by pots of lavender and some would contain every book ever written. Every creature that I created afterwards would have a sanctuary designed just for their needs--but how would the creatures find the sanctuaries?

I fell in love with this chunk of text as I was writing it, this vision of sanctuaries and I wanted to make sure I had access to it later, so I decided to post it here.

Yup, it doesn't take someone with a degree in Psychology to peer into my psyche. Go ahead, peer. And you'll see even more sanctuary designs than you thought possible.

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