Monday, April 4, 2011

National Poetry Month Day 4

Today I have switched to the composing choice with Blogger that allows me more choices.  I changed the type font.  I wonder if I should change the type size.  We shall see.

This morning was more hectic than I thought it would be, but it means I get a middle of the day breathing space at home.  I needed to go to school early, which I didn't anticipate, to find some subs for an instructor who found out that her father died on Saturday.  So, I went to school, took care of various administrator duties, and then came home (I'll go back again this afternoon).  I tried to replicate the gratinee that I had at the French restaurant a week ago--it was tasty, but not the same.  I have laundry in the washing machine.  I'm trying to ignore the rest of the dirt in the house so as to have a chance to write.  I'm trying to ignore the lure of the afternoon nap.

I'm feeling slightly sad because everyone else seems to be having a more productive month than I am, and it's only day 4 of National Poetry Month!  I'm trying to remember the advice of my yoga instructor who always used to reprimand us when she'd catch us staring at others in the mirror:  "Quit comparing yourself to others.  It doesn't help."

Besides, it's not like I've been completely indolent.  On Friday, I had lunch with a friend who's a writer, and after that, I decided to be big and brave and go to the local wine store with the lovely wine bar to see if they'd let us come do a poetry reading there.  They said yes!  Here's hoping the date checks out.  I've sent out some e-mails about my forthcoming book.  I've done some reading.  Yesterday I continued to work on my 2nd trailer for my book.

But still, I need to write a poem before the month goes on much further.  So, by this time tomorrow, I'll write a poem.  That gives me some time to plot, and then tomorrow, I'll get some poetry writing done.  It's not a poem a day, but I'm cool with that.


Hannah Stephenson said...

Poetry readings and wine bars go together like poets and wine. :)

Yes...comparing ourselves to others is a creativity killer. The world wants your voice, your process!

Kathleen said...

Yay for the wine bar. Yay for the yoga teacher. Yay for you.