Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday Links: the Descent into Passion Week

For those of you who want more thoughts on Passion Week, navigate over to this post on my theology blog, where I ponder the word "passion."  I even include a poem that appears in public for the first time ever.  If it makes you hungry for more and you missed my Sunday post, go here.

But maybe you have no desire for theology.  Maybe you're yearning for an in-depth discussion of poetry.  Head to this post on Dave Bonta's blog, where you can click on links to read our reviews of Luisa Igloria's Trill and Mordent.  Maybe you're tired of reading.  At the same post, you can listen to a podcast of the conversation that Dave, Luisa, and I had last Wednesday.  It was fascinating!

Maybe you're longing for something more practical.  Susan Rich has a great post on what makes a reading work.  She reminds us that we need to practice.  Good reminder.  I've scheduled a reading on May 11 with 2 other poets.  Time to start shifting gears to think about that reading.

I've been trying to generate pre-publication sales of my chapbook, since the press run will be determined by how many copies are ordered now; for example with prepublication sales between 55-104 copies sold, 250 copies will be printed.  At 105 copies, 500 will be printed.  It's likely that there won't be a second printing, so I'd like to sell as many on this side of publication as possible. 

Yesterday I launched one of the tools that was most effective for the sales of my first chapbook:  my mother's Christmas card address list.  All of the people on that list will be getting a notice of my second book.

What I wish I had known as a younger poet?  The importance of keeping my address lists up to date.  I've let so many people slide away.  Of course, I don't just wish I still had their addresses so I could sell them books.  It makes me sad that I've lost touch.  I envy the women of my mother's generation who always kept track of each other.

If you'd like to help me with my pre-publication sales push, go here to order. Scroll down to see me in the second row and click to order.  I'll keep reminding you--you've got until May 13.  But why wait?

Yesterday I created stickers to go on every envelope of my mailing, which I can't import here (but I'd be happy to send you via e-mail attachment):  they reminded people that the holidays are coming and that poetry makes a great gift.  Let's agree to make this be the year of poetry presents (presence!).  It doesn't have to be my work; many great books have been published in the last few years.

Of course, maybe you don't have money for poetry, either for yourself or for others.  Have you entered all the National Poetry Month drawings going on across the blogosphere?  Kelli Russell Agodon has the complete list here.  Go, enter--the odds are in your favor!

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