Monday, August 21, 2017

Assorted Eclipse Thoughts

Long ago, I read Me and My Baby View the Eclipse.  At the time, the name Lee Smith really didn't mean much to me.  I didn't know that just a few years later, I'd study her work in grad school and think about ways to craft work as wonderful as hers.

As with many other symbols, I wonder if there's a way to use the eclipse in a literary work that would seem original.  And yet, this morning, when I tried to make a list of eclipse literature, I really couldn't come up with many works.  That may say more about me than it does about literature.

We all have our eclipse glasses, right?

Many of our local schools are keeping children inside during the afternoon.  While I understand the safety concerns, I don't understand missing out on this opportunity.  We don't any of us have that many chances in a lifetime to see a solar eclipse.

At my school, I've ordered a supply of solar eclipse glasses, and we'll have students sign a waiver.  Last week, I offered students moon pies and a handout that explained what to expect during the eclipse.

More students were interested in the eclipse information than in the Declaration of Independence that I handed out during week 1 of school.  The fact that they were interested in the eclipse makes me happy.  I'll focus on that.

If I was buying a commemorative object, I'd buy this plate.  Of course, I can't, because they're sold out.  A potter in South Carolina, Kyle Smith, made them. I wonder if he was surprised at their popularity.

Now for the one thing we can't yet answer.  Will we be able to see it?  We don't have the cloud cover that we had yesterday, but there are plenty of clouds around.  We will take our eclipse glasses and hope for the best!


Kathleen said...

I was wondering, too, about eclipse poems. If you write one, send it to me!!

Wendy said...

I was trying to think of eclipse literature and came up short. Is there one in Connecticut Yankee?
My kids' school did buy glasses for all the students and let them watch. I was pleased.