Friday, August 25, 2017

There Will Come Flooding Rains

Last night, I fell asleep at 7:45, only to wake up around midnight.  I had a variety of stuff on the brain--but primarily Hurricane Harvey.  So I went to the Weather Underground site, and got lost in the commenting on Jeff Master's blog that's housed there.  I am fascinated by all the people who look at various radars and do their own forecasting.

It was pouring rain here, and I kept a nervous eye on our street, which was flooding--AGAIN.  One of our cars was parked on the street, and I finally decided that if I was ever going to have any hope of sleep, I'd need to move the car.  I waded through calf deep water to move the car up from the flooded street to the yard.

Around 2, I decided to try sleep again.  It took some time, and then I dreamed that the cars had been swept away down the road, along with furniture and wood and other hurricane debris.  Oddly, the cars were still driveable.

I will make my way to spin class and then to work.  The waters have receded, so I might as well.  If I stayed here, I'd just watch Hurricane Harvey, and it's really too early to do much.  Or perhaps too late.  And as I watch our local South Florida radar, now is a good time to leave, and later might not be.  We're expecting flooding rains through Tuesday.

It reminds me of 2005--today is the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina's path over South Florida.  At first it seemed like such a gentle storm where we lived--lots of steady rain, but school was canceled, so we didn't care if the streets flooded.  All was well until the huge ficus fell over.  We were without power for the next two weeks.

Here's hoping we don't have that kind of week-end in store for us.  I don't think the Texas folks will be as lucky with the potential for 35 inches of rain.

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