Thursday, November 2, 2017

Cottages and Chicken Coops

As we've been watching various shows on the Create channel (PBS's answer to Home and Garden and Food channels on cable), I've noticed a variety of shows coming back to chickens--the kind you raise, not necessarily the main course for dinner.  At one point, I turned to my spouse and said, "Let's turn the cottage into a chicken coop."

I was only partly joking.  A cottage will do far more to increase the property value than a chicken coop.  Plus our cottage has a kitchen and a bathroom, which chickens wouldn't need.  Transforming a cottage into a chicken coop makes no sense.

Except . . . it would cost less.  It would take less work.  The chickens would be protected in the cottage in a way they wouldn't if in a traditional coop.

What's really at the root here:  I am weary at the thought of making the decisions that must be made to bring the cottage back to usability:  a new AC/heating system, reinforcing the foundation, replacing some drywall and figuring out the floors.  And then we can figure out furnishings.

I've been looking through my sketchbook, and this theme jumps out at me:

I took the picture without a flash, which accounts for the sepia tone in this picture and the next one.  I like the effect, although it wasn't intended.

I also know that my yearning for chickens shows a deeper yearning for a simpler life, a life where there is time to care for chickens.  There's the self-sufficiency aspect and the wanting a homestead of my own--these elements have been part of my personality since I first learned to read.

I love this goat.  I love the pumpkins and the chicken.  The perspective is screwy, but I find that sort of charming too.

I know that if I had a real goat and real chickens, I would grow weary of their needs and demands too.  It would become a job.  I would wonder why I didn't want a traditional cottage that I could have monetized in a different way or have space for visitors.

I would wonder why I didn't transform the cottage into a writing retreat.  I would resent the animals for taking away my writing time.

But psychologically, that's where I am.  At least for this season.

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