Sunday, August 26, 2018

Sunday Retrospective

For those of you hoping I would write a post about the death of John McCain, I did--it's here on my theology blog.

Yesterday my computer kept freezing so I wasn't able to blog or to do much on the computer at all in the morning.  So today, let me take a look back on the week to capture some elements before they slip away:

--My Friday was the best kind of work day:  people came to me with problems that I could solve.  Hurrah.  It was the kind of day when I felt so effective that I said, "I should buy a lottery ticket.  Clearly large forces are working in my favor."

--But it's also been a frustrating week.  We're still in the middle of a fence installation which hasn't always been going well.  But by Friday, adjustments had been made, and while the fence isn't perfect, it's better than what we've had.  Even before Hurricane Irma finished off the fence, it was becoming increasingly clear that we'd need to replace the fence at some point--it kept losing metal spikes.

--Let me remember the good things in terms of the house:  we've gotten rid of the algae in the pool, we're sleeping in our bedroom again, and we've found a yard person we like (yes, we've finally admitted our defeat in controlling the yard).

--I think we've fixed the washer-dryer (it's an all-in-one).  It was refusing to go through all the cycles as a washer, but if the dryer was running, it would work.  I spent some time researching the issue, and decided we weren't likely to be able to fix it on our own.  We had repair folks out yesterday, and we've had a load of clothes successfully go through all the wash cycles--fingers crossed!

--In terms of writing life, I'll record small successes:  I got back to the short story that I've been working on sporadically for ages, and I wrote a poem.  Plus, I figured out the ending to the short story, and even better, how it will fit into the linked short story collection.  It will be second to last, because it will end by mentioning the school's closing.  Hurrah!

--Let me also record a compliment that my school campus got from the Corporate team:  we are light years ahead when it comes to doing social media--hurrah--our efforts are being noticed.  I've been doing some social media on behalf of my writing for years now, so it hasn't been difficult to do the same thing for my school.  And happily, now we have a social media person who does all the posting on a variety of platforms.  I just send her as much stuff as I can think of.

--Yes, overall, it's been a good week, even though I've felt a bit more tired than usual.  We've also had lots of good times with friends--I feel fortunate that we've all managed to stay in touch and gather together, even though we don't work in the same school any more.

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