Friday, December 28, 2018

The Sounds of Washing

I sit here writing and listening to the new washing machine.  Are these sounds normal?  Should I be leaping up to make sure that all the plumbing is still in place?

The old washing machine arrived almost exactly 5 years ago.  We knew that my spouse's brother would be staying with us while relocating, and he would need a way to get his scrubs washed and dried.  We had a washer, but not a dryer.  We'd been planning to make a purchase and get rid of the washer and dryer that came with the house.  His arrival prompted us to make the plunge.

I do hope that this machine lasts longer, but I also know that five years seems to be the life of many a major appliance these days. 

I think of my grandmother who had a washing machine on a porch that had no room and no electric for a dryer.  She took the wet clothes to the clothesline at the back of the yard every week of her life until her heart attack prompted the major life change of moving to an assisted living facility.  Her heart attack happened as she was hanging clothes on the line.  She collapsed and stayed there, under the clothesline, under a hot August sun, until her neighbors checked on her late in the evening after she didn't answer the phone.

It was not the first time I realized that my family is made of pretty stern stuff.  On days when I feel disheartened or discouraged, I think about my ancestors, and I find the courage to keep going.

I also realize that almost everything I face is nothing compared to what they went through.  A washing machine that goes wonky?  Kitchen cabinets that are delayed?  I can hear the ancestors snorting at the thought that I have troubles.

It's been a good morning.  I've read some poetry; the new collections by Terrance Hayes and Kevin Young are amazing.  I wrote a poem that's nowhere close to what they've done, but writing is the winning of the battle.  I've got a load of sheets in the dryer.  I'm happy that yesterday gave us an appointment for the delivery of the cabinets:  Feb. 4--hurrah!

And now off to take care of my physical body--spin class calls!

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