Thursday, January 9, 2020

Writing Report for the Week so Far

Hello Poetry Muse, I've missed you!

Before I go further, let me say that I don't believe in a muse in a classical sense.  I believe in showing up to the page/screen/mediums, on a daily basis if possible.  But when I'm not showing up or when I'm feeling strangled/dessicated, I understand how the idea of a muse takes hold.

Yesterday was a particularly rough day in the office, but I don't want to spend much more time on that other than to say it was a day of power struggles over ARC (average registered credit).  I've worked for a variety of white men, men who have never taught a class or haven't taught in year, lecture me about how all our school's financial problems would be solved if we could just get students to take another class.  You need to know that so that you will understand the poem that emerged.

This morning I woke up thinking about the show Thirtysomething and an idea muscled my thoughts of the old TV show out of the way.  What if Noah's wife went to work at a school and found herself with a boss like the one I have?

I've been writing an interesting series about Noah, about the arc, about Noah's wife and Noah's daughter and Noah's offspring.  Sometimes the poems take place in the Biblical setting in which many of us first encountered Noah.  Some bring them up to modern times.

The poem I wrote this morning has Noah's wife getting a job in the student advising department of the local community college and taking yoga classes to recover from her work day.  I LOVE the poem I wrote, even though it's unfinished.

It's been a good writing week.  I've returned to my apocalyptic novel and written enough to get excited about it again.  Yesterday I wrote a poem about taking a walk on the morning of Epiphany, before dawn, looking for holiday lights and looking for the wisdom of the stars.  That poem, too, made me happy.

Very few things make me as happy as a good writing session.  Even a bad writing session is better than no writing session.

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