Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Back From Vacation

So, this morning, I return from a gorgeous week-end of sailing on the Chesapeake Bay (the picture in my last blog post is from that area, taken by my brother-in-law). My fridge is nearly empty, as is my fuzzy brain right now.

So, while I adapt back to regular life, I'll refer you to something else to read. Go here to read about a new approach to farming close to cities. The farmer in the article is a retired CIA man, who has interesting ideas about farming, both the obstacles and the joys. He has some fascinating plans for involving younger farmers in his farm--a way to get some help with the farming and to support the next generation of farming.

As I return to my office, it's good to have ideas of alternative lifestyles in my head. I'll be interested to hear how these farming ideas play out. Will renting out parcels be a way to finance my dream of land in the country? Could I buy the land now, while it's cheap, and attempt to copy some of the good ideas in this article in the interim time, while I need to keep working in my office, far away from any plot of land I could afford?

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