Monday, July 27, 2009

While You're Writing Those Poetry Post Cards

Mail delivered the old fashioned way must be on a variety of brains right now. I found this entry at Leslie's blog: a writer who is headed off to a writer's colony pleads for us all to send her mail. She promises to write us a letter back, and there's a contest attached!

I'm one of those odd people who loves the moment that the mail comes. Even though there's often nothing interesting in my snail mail, I am trained too well. I've been looking forward to the daily mail since I was a little girl and that PBS T.V. show Big Blue Marble gave us all pen pals.

Of course, the U.S. Mail is in big, big trouble, as fewer of us send letters and pay our bills by mail. I suspect that we won't have Saturday deliveries much longer. I'm fairly sure we'll be harassed by yearly increases in stamp prices--why not just raise the stamp price by ten cents and leave it there for awhile?

Still, while we have the U.S. mail I'll send my nephew fun things by mail and I'll send mail to people who are working away in the solitude of writer's colonies and I'll send out poetry packets and I'll send letters, the old-fashioned kind, to my grandma--and I'll look forward to the postal carrier's arrival each day!

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