Monday, October 26, 2009

Lessons from the First Quarter of Spin Classes

Today, I arrived at spin class, and the bikes were turned to face the windows, instead of the mirror. The curtains were open; they've never been opened, ever, during the last three months when I've been going to spin and yoga classes in that room. We began class in the dark, facing the dark outside (spin class starts at 6:30 in the morning). We saw the lights in the buildings twinkle, and the planes take off and land from the nearby Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport. Gradually, as we pedalled, we got to watch the sun come up.

Actually, we saw the sky lighten and change colors, since a building blocked our view of the actual sunrise. We saw a cruise ship emerge out of the darkness. Changing the routine really invigorated my workout.

I've had spin class on the brain this week, since I've been doing spin class for 3 months now. I was telling one of the spin teachers that I just always assumed that spin class was something I wouldn't be able to do. And now, here I am, spinning away.

It makes me wonder what else I assume that I can't do, what kinds of things I'd be perfectly capable of doing. Of course, my mind goes to any number of physical things, but there's also a wide range of creative things ("I can't draw!" Yes, I can, but I rarely want to take the time to draw in a realistic mode), work things ("I can't solve that problem!" Yes I can but I often don't want to deal with all of the other people at work who would be required to change), and any number of other life situations.

This morning's spin class also reminded me of the importance of changing things around every so often. I felt a surge of energy when I first started taking spin classes back in July. It was such a different way to get a vigorous workout in the middle of summer. It was so thrilling to realize that I could do something I thought I couldn't do. Lately, I've been feeling grumpy occasionally, especially when the music wasn't my favorite. This morning, the simple act of changing the direction of the bikes made me feel excited about spin class again.

What could I do to reinvigorate my writing/creative life? I need to spend some time thinking about that. Do I want to add a new activity? Do I want to try creating in a different space? Do I need different subject matter? Stay tuned . . .

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