Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Something Wicked Goes Someplace Else

Today we will have heat indexes of 105 to 110. How can I prepare for Halloween with this kind of weather?

At this point, I'd settle for a subdued summer kind of vibe. Low humidity, temps in the upper 80's. I've grown used to that kind of burnished autumn. But we have high temps and high humidity--like August in much of the country (although not the August that much of the country had this year--how I envy those who had a cool, rainy summer!).

I'd quit whining about wanting cooler evenings if we could just have a bit of relief from swampy heat. I've grown resigned to never opening my windows again. I see no Canadian air masses headed our way.

Those of you with the more traditional autumnal weather: enjoy some for me.

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Chum said...

It was a chilly 50 degrees this morning. Winter is on its way--not my favorite season. So I'm trying to live in the moment and enjoy fall.