Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Linkage

--For those of you wondering if those book contests are worth it, head on over to this post at Kelli's blog. It's a thoughtful exploration of why those fees may not be so bad, along with a list of publishers/contests/presses that deserve our support.

--You still have time to be entered in two drawings that I'm conducting on Sunday. Head here to connect to links that will take you to each drawing. And at this post, some thoughts on compassion from Karen Armstrong, along with a link to the complete interview.

--Kathleen's post will make you want to read Abide with Me. She's part of a book club that sounds like every reader's dream book club. Ah, to meet with like-minded people, with treats that include wine!

--Leslie's post will make you yearn for an MFA residency to call your own.

--If you wonder what my voice sounds like, you can go to this post, where I read Collin Kelley's wonderful poem, "Wonder Woman." I must warn you that I'm not thrilled with the sound quality. In fact, it was this recording that made me form one of my 2011 writer's resolutions to learn to make better recordings. It's not horrible, but it just doesn't sound as good as the rest of the recordings by the Voice Alpha gang. Every day this week, you can hear a different one of us read the poem; today, Collin Kelley reads. It's interesting to compare the voice of the author to the voices of everyone else.

--Carolee reminds us all of why we blog in this post.

Well, it's off to spin class, then work. I know that many schools have gone to a 4 day work week to conserve money, and I know that many of you are at home today, drafting poems and keeping snow bound children/pets amused. Alas, I'm back to my rigorous schedule of weekly Friday meetings. I'm trying to keep my spirits up by reminding myself that many of my favorite poems of the last few years would not have happened had I not had this schedule of weekly meetings.


Anonymous said...

hi, kristin! thanks for mentioning me. it's goofy to say my life changed b/c of blogging BUT "my life changed b/c of blogging. :)

pleased to have met you on the current leg of this journey!

Sandy Longhorn said...

Thanks for the links!

Kathleen said...

Thank you! And I have started an exercise class this January, too! (Spin class is exercise, right. I lose track...)

Kristin said...

Kathleen: yup, spin class is exercise with indoor bikes(I've had more than one friend think I was learning to use a spinning wheel, which is attractive, but I'd probably need to move to Asheville, NC to find the nearest person who could teach me).

Thanks, everyone for reading--and for writing!