Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ash Wednesday Linkage

--If you were hoping for a more in-depth Ash Wednesday meditation, go to the Living Lutheran site to read my blog post there.

--If you want suggestions for things to add to your Lenten season (as opposed to giving something up for Lent), I wrote this piece over at Living Lutheran.

--I've written longer pieces about Lenten disciplines on my theology blog. Go here to read about adding a creative discipline to your spiritual life for Lent, or go here to read about adding more reading to your Lenten season. I wrote about adding more hospitality in this blog post, and I wrote about praying more here. I wrote about fasting here and about other ways you could fast here.

--Kelli writes about Lent here, and Kathleen talks about reading a book of poems straight through for Ash Wednesday in this post.

--For a deeper theological treatment, give Jan Richardson's post a read, and if you're still not satisfied, she gives you links to previous meditations.

--I began the day over at my theology blog posting this quote from Henri Nouwen, an Ash Wednesday prayer that I wrote, and a photo that I took of last year's Ash Wednesday art project made with real ash from the fireplace (and paint and a canvas).

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