Sunday, July 7, 2013

Enjoy Summer's Pleasures Now, While We Have Them

Now we have passed what many of us think of as the midpoint of summer.  Once the next 6 weeks zoom by, many of us will have to begin thinking of back-to-school issues, regardless of what the weather tells us.

So, now, before summer slips away, let us think of the summer pleasures we want to make sure we enjoy, if we haven't already.

Here are some suggestions:

--Many communities show movies outdoor, after dark, on a huge screen or a sheet or against the side of a building.  They're usually fun, family events.

--Some of the fruits and vegetables that we can get right now are at their peak and won't taste this good again until next summer.  Add tomatoes to your shopping list.  Add melons.  Add corn on the cob.

--Put some of this bounty away for later.  Most fruits and veggies are easy to freeze.  Or explore canning.  It's easy to make jams and chutneys, with little risk of food poisoning.

--It's too hot to cook.  Explore what your grill can do.  Explore the world of salads.  Enjoy fruit for dinner.

--Since it's hot, enjoy water.  Go to the beach.  Explore the water parks in your community.  If you have kids in your life, let them loose with a water hose and remember what joy can come from a simple water hose.

--As I think about summers of my youth, I think about hiding in the air conditioning, spending whole days reading.  Now is the time to lose yourself in a good book.  Go to your public library and check out a huge stack.  Enjoy the knowledge that comes with having lots of good books around you; if one turns out to be a mistake, you've got others.

--A movie festival in your own living room is a great idea, especially when we hit a rainy patch.  We've been enjoying all the Robin Williams movies from the late 80's and early 90's.  It's fun to revisit them, and intriguing to see them all at once.

--If summer is getting on your last nerve, listen to Christmas music or watch a Halloween movie.  Cook a meal that's not associated with summer:  a Thanksgiving dinner or a pot roast.

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