Friday, July 26, 2013

Weary: The Word to Sum Up My Last Two Weeks

At times I ask myself, "Why am I tired?  It's not like I've been writing much.  Work hasn't been more onerous than usual.  We haven't had out of town visitors."  And then I think, oh right, I bought a house.

Two weeks ago, we'd have been signing paperwork.  What have I done since then?

--Sorted and sorted and sorted bookcases--not only my own, but the school library's books.

--Hauled books from place to place, both within the same place, and between locations.  I've done that with many of my possessions, come to think of it, moved them from room to room.

--Moved most of my possessions from one house that I've lived in since 1998 to my new house, 2 miles away.  Thank goodness we had friends who came to help.

--I've packed and unpacked.  I still have much to do.

--I've done some cleaning.  I still  have much to do.

--I've walked to the beach several times.  I've swum in the pool that's in the backyard of the new house.  I hope to continue to do these activities each day.

--I've spent far too many hours on the phone trying to get services transferred.

--My car started sounding sluggish when I started it--off to AutoZone for a new battery, as the old one was still under partial warranty.

--We did a major shopping trip for household items.  We still need to do a major grocery trip.  In the weeks leading up to the closing date, I tried not to spend too much money, in fear that the closing would cost more than I expected. 

--And did I mention how much packing and unpacking I've been doing?  Once I could fit all of my possessions into my '74 Monte Carlo.  What happened to that girl?

--And I've maintained a regular work schedule.

Yes, no wonder I'm tired.  But it's a good tired, the tired that comes from setting plans into motion and achieving goals.

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