Saturday, July 20, 2013

Moving Day and a Look Back

If all goes well today, tonight should be the first night we spend in the new house. We have yet to sell the old house, or even place it on the market, so our exit isn't as final as some of the moves we've made. Still, it seems like a good morning to look back and think about the creative developments that have happened while we've lived in this house.

--We moved to this house in December of 1998.  I was a writer then, and I'm a writer now.  I wasn't a blogger, but in some ways, my blogging is similar to the journaling that I used to do.  Back then, I wrote poems, short stories, and novels.  Since then, I've added creative non-fiction and other types of essays to my list.  I've written some academic essays, but that's much more infrequent.

--My first box of chapbooks was mailed to this house, as was the box of my second chapbook.

--When we first moved to this house, did I even know what a chapbook was?  I may have, but I wasn't assembling them the way I've been doing since.

--When we moved here, I had dreams of supporting myself through my writing.  I dreamed of a blockbuster novel, which of course would be made into a movie. 

--While I wouldn't mind if that happened, my dreams have shifted.  Now I dream of a memoir that provides comfort to those who try to achieve that balance between spirituality and other aspects of life.  I dream of being invited to a variety of gatherings as a noted speaker.

--While I can't yet support myself through my writing, I have gotten more projects that pay.  When we first moved here, that hadn't happened.  I'd be happy if more of those projects came my way.

--When we moved here in 1998, I had only done small quilting projects.  Now I've made several full-size quilts.

--I've also had other fun with fiber.  For a year, I created layered, quilted, beaded creations:

--When we first moved into this house, I painted more than I do now:

--But I didn't do much with creating sacred space or events.  In a good year, I'm in charge of several services, and I help create one or two sacred spaces:

--I've also done more with collage:

--And there are the variety of projects that my spouse and I have done.  Here's our fountain from a few summers ago:

--And now, for the next creative project:  creating a home out of our new house.

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Kathleen said...

What a lovely record. Best wishes to you in your new house!