Monday, July 21, 2014

Infusing the Special into the Every Day

A week ago was my birthday; I'm still intrigued by how many people asked what special things I had planned.

I couldn't resist.  I answered with a similar answer to the one I give about Valentine's Day:  every day should include special events to make me glad I was born.  Why do we only save this special mindset for our birthdays?

I realize that if you're the kind of person who does extra-special birthday events, like taking the day off, having a high calorie dinner, or planning a super vacation, you can't do this every day.  But you could do it more often than once a year.

Our lives would be more full of joy if we did more each day to remember that we're glad we were born.  We wouldn't have to wait for a birthday--or worse, a crisis medical diagnosis--to remember to celebrate.

And we shouldn't wait.  One day, and for many of us it will come all too soon, we won't be able to celebrate.

You might protest about the cost or the calories.  But think how many of your joys are relatively free:  rereading old books, discovering new books (with your public library card), spending time with friends, going to museums/galleries/readings/parks/____________.

So, don't delay.  Celebrate your birth today, and every day--even if it's 355 days until your next official birthday.

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