Monday, September 29, 2014

Highlights from a 4 Day Week-end

Yesterday at noon, we took my sister and my 8 year old nephew to the airport.  I spent yesterday afternoon getting organized and catching up.  But it wasn't as fun as the several days leading up to it.

What did we do?  Lots of things:

--We spent as much time in the pool as we could.  In fact, we picked them up at the airport on Thursday and went straight from there into our swimming pool.  I had picked up an inflatable basketball set at an end-of-season sale, and it was the hit of the week-end.

--We watched it rain.  Happily, the rain never settled in for good.  Then the sun came out, and we went back in the pool.

--We ate all sorts of things that had been grilled:  bacon, pizza, hot dogs, clams, steaks, a roast.  Yummmmm.  Then we went back in the pool.

--We went shopping so that we could do some craft projects during the rainy time.  On Saturday, my nephew made all sorts of creations out of colored rubber bands.  My sister, spouse, and I made candles, some scented with rosemary oil and some with lemongrass oil.  Then we went back in the pool.

--We went to the beach, but all sorts of warning flags were flying.  There were rip currents and stinging sea creatures.  We played variations of football and soccer on the beach--wow, that sand is really unforgiving!  Then we came back and went back in the pool. 

--We didn't do some of the things I thought we might do, like play games or draw.  Who wants to do indoor activities when there's a lovely pool?

So today it's back to making sure that all the syllabi have been changed the way that they must to make the accreditors happy and catching up on annual reviews.  I would much rather be in the pool with my nephew!

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