Sunday, September 28, 2014

Questions I Don't Usually Ponder, Unless an 8 Year Old Visits

--Who thought of taking the brightly colored rubber bands from orthodontics and turning them into craft supplies?  Who looked at their child's braces and said, "Those rubber bands would make great bracelets if we wove them together!"?

--Why is sand such an unforgiving surface?

--Why does the presence of autumnal beers make me so happy when I don't even like beer?  Is it because we have no blazing leaves to signal the arrival of a new season?

--What will become of all these creatures made of Lego?  Do Lego creatures have a soul?  Did their soul exist before we put them together?  Does it come standard with every Lego kit?

--Why are pretzel goldfish so much more delicious than regular pretzels?

----When do we lose our capability to pursue whatever interests us at any given time?

--Why do some inflatable pool toys and accessories last for several seasons while others come apart within hours?

--Why do stores in South Florida stop selling these kinds of pool items after August ends?

--Will I learn the rules of football before the 8 year old tires of the game and moves on to something else?

--Do all children have the ability to live in the present moment?  At what point do we lose that?

--Children have boundless stores of energy--why don't I?

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