Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Last Day of Summer

I just stepped out onto my front porch while I waited for the microwave to heat the milk for my coffee.  It's amazing what a few days of rain does to the temperature.  It's almost cool--72 degrees, according to a weather site.

Long ago, when I was a more serious runner in South Carolina, 72 degrees in the pre-sunrise hours was a flag to me that perhaps I shouldn't run--too hot.  And now, after 2 months of overnight lows that don't get much below 82 degrees, it feels like a breath of coolness.

I mention this fact on the last full day of summer.  Of course, tomorrow is an almost full day--the autumnal equinox doesn't occur until 10:29 p.m.

Through my window, I see the barest sliver of the rising moon.  It will soon be blotted out by either the sun or storm clouds.

Yesterday, the sun was obliterated by thunder clouds.  But that was OK.  I needed to spend the day hibernating.  After several heavy duty work weeks, it was good to sleep in the stormy afternoon--very restorative.

In the early evening, we took a short walk to assess the state of the streets and the sky.  We determined that we could get a neighborhood bike ride done before the next round of rain.

We have finally abandoned the yard sale bikes.  My spouse got me a bike for my birthday back in July, and when my parents were here this past week, they gave him an early birthday present of a bike.  So finally, we could cycle through our neighborhood.  It was a delightful end to a restful day.

Today I shall enjoy the last full day of summer.  Of course, down here, summer weather will continue a few months longer.  If it's less rainy, perhaps we'll have burgers and a swim in the pool.  If it's another rainy afternoon, perhaps more naps will be in order.

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