Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Day after Halloween

Today is the Feast of All Saints.  For more on this feast day, see this post on my theology blog.  It also has a recipe for the bread I'll be baking today.  It's the Day of the Dead, after all.  But part of why I'm making it is that I'm in charge of the interactive service at my church tomorrow.  It's All Saints Sunday, and I'm in charge of the interactive service.  I want to talk about how people grieve the loss of loved ones.  We don't have time to bake bread, but we'll have time to eat it!

I thought about making candles scented with rosemary, the herb of remembrance, with the group, but we don't really have time to do that either.  Plus there's the issue of hot wax and small children--not the interaction that a church service planner necessarily wants to troubleshoot.

So, when my sister was here a month ago, we made all sorts of candles, and I made the ones that we'll use tomorrow (the 4 lavender ones). 

Is lavender the color of remembrance?  I'll need to look that up.

Today I'll also work on recovering from Halloween.  We don't have much clean up to do.  But since Halloween was on a Friday, it was a late night for us.

We started by going over to our friends' house.  They live on one of the most popular streets for Halloween in all of Hollywood.  I had heard about how huge the celebration was, but I wouldn't have believed it.  In fact, I said to my spouse, "If you saw this in a movie, you wouldn't believe it could be true."

Then we went across the county to a Halloween party given by old friends.  They always have a Halloween party, but when Halloween is on a school night, we tend not to go.  Or if they have had it on an alternate night in the past, we've been travelling.

It was great to see them and catch up.  But it did make for a late night. 

Now I'm off to go to the Fresh Market before I go to spin class--got to get some anise seed for my bread.  And truth be told, I want to see if any of their Halloween goodies are on sale.

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