Monday, November 3, 2014

Snapshots from a Week-end

--Last night, we realized that the clock on the stove was 2 hours behind the clock in the bedroom that hadn't been changed.  I had changed the stove clock back one hour, and then later, my spouse, not realizing that I had done it already, moved it back one more hour.

--I do love having one extra hour in the week-end.

--We did a quilting for Lutheran World Relief session after our 9:45 service.  It's hard to know how much progress we made.  I did have to rethread the sewing machine about 20,000 times.  We got the squares cut out.  The pre-teen who didn't want to help did learn to sew a fake pocket on her shirt--after sewing the two sides of the shirt together.  This is how we learn.  But did we finish a quilt?  No.  Did we sew squares together?  Yes.  Did we get cutting of cloth done?  Yes.

--Of course, I forgot that we had made as much progress as we made last time.  I got out the supplies and there was 1/3 of a quilt top from back in September. 

--My apple cider chicken was not as delightful as I expected--good, but not delightful.

--I bought chicken leg quarters and got home to realize that I'd been charged for boneless, skinless chicken breasts.  I had to run some more errands, so I took them back.  The difference in price?  $6.19.  Maybe I should use the less desirable parts of the chicken more often.

--The chicken thighs were huge.  What kind of chicken had those legs?

--I had extra glaze for the Day of the Dead bread, so I thought about making more bread.  But the Sunday crowd didn't eat as much as I expected, so I still have bread left over.  Some times, it's good to just throw away the 5 extra tablespoons of glaze.

--We had a lovely Day of the Dead picnic on Sunday.  We invited our friend who rents our cottage to join us for a chicken, broccoli, and mashed potato supper.  She brought pesto bow tie pasta.  We lifted our tea glasses in a toast to her bird that died 3 weeks ago.  She and the bird had been travelling together for 29 years.  That's longer than many a relationship.  She's still grieving.

--I made one of the breads for her:

I had tried for a shape of the bird; even before it went into the oven, it was only abstractly a bird.  Afterwards, not so much a bird.  The picture above is one that she took.  You can see the altar that she's constructing in the background.

--Our church's pumpkin patch sold more pumpkins than last year, but we still had lots of pumpkins left.  I brought some to a friend whose mom is visiting.  They were surprised that I had no plans for processing pumpkins into pies and bread.  But I've done that once, and it's more trouble than it's worth.

--My pumpkins on the porch are still OK.  I bought these striated pumpkins, which were once more green than orange:

Now the striped ones have turned almost all orange and cream (the little one used to be evenly green and orange, the larger striated one was once all green and cream).  Interesting.

--I find pumpkins to be a lovely autumnal decorating element--and you don't have to store them until next year!

--Next up on the holiday calendar:  election day!  I thought about voting early, but I really like voting on election day.

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