Thursday, November 20, 2014

Gratitude Countdown to Thanksgiving

It's hard to believe we're one week out from Thanksgiving--which means we're getting close to the end of school terms.  I feel a bit of stress just typing that last sentence.  So let me take a few minutes to center myself.  I'll make a gratitude list to do a bit of self-grounding.

--I'm thinking of a year ago, when the coconut palms in the backyard started dropping their coconuts.  We woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of breaking glass.  Happily no one was breaking in.  Unhappily, a coconut had crashed into the outdoor light of our cottage.

Since then, we have had the trees removed.  Hurrah!

--I am grateful that my current job does not involve math.  Last night I had to do an onboarding assessment.  At first I thought it was just personality assessment.  But then I got to the math.  It's math I could do, if I had plenty of time.  But I just didn't want to do it.  Happily, my work life does not depend on me having to sit there and puzzle it out.

--This morning, I heard a news feature on a reporter who started to ask people about their passwords and the stories that they reveal.  From there, I wove an interesting poem that talks about passwords and comets.  I love a poem that comes suddenly.

For all the times that I feel frustrated with having less time to write than I wish I did, I'm grateful for the time I do have.  I'm deeply cognizant of the fact that many people would be grateful to have the time that I have.

--I did a Google search of my name, and this time clicked on the images to see more.  I'm grateful that there aren't pictures that make me cringe.  I was surprised by how many pictures aren't pictures of me, but pictures I've posted on my blog.  I'm grateful to be reminded of how many cool projects I've been part of and then blogged about.

--Tomorrow we're going to the first annual tree lighting and holiday concert at the Hollywood Arts Park.  I'm grateful to have friends who want to go with us.  I'm grateful for a festive event.

You might say it's too early for holiday events.  I would disagree.  And I'm not even upset about Christmas commercials.  It's so much better than the Oct. barrage of political ads.  Give me carols and snow and surprise gifts in the advertising landscape any day!

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