Saturday, December 13, 2014

Santa Lucia Saturday Snippets

--Today is Santa Lucia day.  For more on that festival, see this post on my theology blog.

--In 8 hours, my parents arrive for a whirlwind 24 hours before I deliver them to a cruise ship.  I should be deep cleaning my house, like the good girl that I am.  But I'm fighting off a cold, so I just don't have that kind of energy.  Maybe later.  Or maybe a surface clean will have to do.

--Likewise, I thought I would bake Santa Lucia bread this morning.  That, too, is looking unlikely.

--I also have grading for my online classes that I thought I might be doing.  But again, I'll postpone.  I have a few days, and it's the kind of grading that won't take as long, since we're at the end of the term, and copious comments for what to work on in the next essay aren't necessary.

--I've been putting books on hold at my public library, and they'll be delivered from distant branches to my local branch soon--Saturday gratitude for the public library and for Facebook posts that recommend books I'd likely otherwise never discover.

--I'm also feeling Facebook gratitude for all the cool pictures that people posted of yesterday's skies over Ft. Lauderdale, pictures like this one:

--It's a mackerel sky--ever hear of that?  Me neither.  Here's the mariner's rhyme:

"Mare's tails and mackerel scales
Make tall ships carry low sails."

--And here's the science, from a Wikipedia entry:  "However, the most common reason for the occurrence of a mackerel sky is an old, disintegrating frontal system. The cloud was probably originally altostratus and has been broken up into altocumulus as the weather front disintegrates (usually as a result of encountering an area of high atmospheric pressure). Little, if any rain most often follows a mackerel sky. Another common place that it is found is in the warm sector of a depression preceding the cold front and associated showery weather, however usually here it is obscured by lower stratus clouds."

--I know that people make fun of Facebook for all sorts of reasons, many of them legitimate.  But I love this aspect of Facebook, this discovery of snippets I'd have never thought to explore otherwise.  I love people's photos.  I love knowing what my far-flung friends and family are up to, whether it's a once in a lifetime event or what they're having for dinner.

--I am still feeling happy from my week of many arts outings.  Last night it was time for music:  the Broward Chorale's holiday concert.  If you read my blog faithfully, you know that my spouse sings with the group. 

--It was a wonderful concert, full of holiday music, just the right thing for a Friday night in mid-December.  Unlike some concerts, it was a presentation of much shorter pieces--which perfectly fit my attention span which is a bit fractured this time of year.

--I went with my friend and colleague who stays in our backyard cottage.  On the way home, we stopped to do a quick grocery shopping.  At least we have toilet paper and orange juice for my parents' quick stay.

--This will be a jam-packed week:  a cookie swap, grades due on Wed., graduation on Thursday, and my spouse's dad and step-mom arriving mid-week.  But so far this holiday season, I've managed not to double-book or triple-book myself.

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