Monday, December 29, 2014

Sunday Snippets: Holiday Movies

--I watched Saving Mr. Banks yesterday afternoon.  For the most part, I liked it.  I got a bit weary with the flashbacks and watching P. L. Travers descend into melancholia while she worked on transforming her book into a movie started to get on my last nerve.   I mean really--here you have a chance to get your work out to a far wider audience (and get a lot more money for yourself), and you want to quibble about the color red?

--It's strange watching last year's movies this year.  I felt a bit of melancholy myself late in the afternoon--was it because of the movie?

--There aren't that many movies I want to see in this year's holiday batch.  The only one that is remotely tempting that I hadn't heard about months in advance is the Chris Rock movie--and yet, I can't remember the name of it, which might say something about the movie.  I will go see Into the Woods, and I expect to be delighted.  I might also go see Selma.  I want moviemakers to continue to make these kinds of movies, so I feel like I should go see them.

--Earlier this week, one of my friends said she wished it didn't feel so much like homework.  I know what she means.

--I want movies that remind me of the importance of making good art--would Mr. Turner fit that bill?  I had hoped that Saving Mr. Banks would do that.  It did dance at the edge of that idea.  Perhaps that's why I was so disappointed that the movie got bogged down in exploring the psychological drama in childhood aspect.

--I also want movies that remind me of the importance of working towards a more just society--that's the reason that I might go see Selma.

--I am likely to run out of time.  Sigh.  Never enough time for everything.  Which is why I'm watching last year's movies this year.

--To alleviate my late afternoon melancholy, we went out for a short ride to see Christmas lights in the neighborhood.  Luckily, some people still had their lights up and on.  That holiday brightness did the trick.  I will miss the lights when they are gone.

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