Saturday, June 6, 2015

When Facebook Makes a Poem, and Other Saturday Snippets

--I woke up in the wee, small hours of the morning, as I usually do.  I heard a soft pitter-patter--finally, some rain!

--I worked on poems and assembling a chapbook out of poems with a more spiritual theme.

--My writing desk is underneath a window in the front bedroom.  As I wrote, I heard a small drip.  Then another drip--tiny, soft, hardly noticeable. 

--But when I looked more closely, the window sill was wet.  We've never had a leak at this window.

--My whole house is like this--it seems watertight, but then the wind-driven rain comes from a different direction, and I'm left with a puddle and a puzzle. 

--In fact, I have two structures on the property that behave this way.  The back cottage is fine this morning, but it's been more prone to leaks than the front house.

--I sent a Facebook message to a friend, and I cut and pasted it here.  Facebook put in line breaks!

Our houses seem to take turns with water intrusion.
Some day the sea will swallow them both.

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