Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Acceptance and Submission

Yesterday morning, I got a poem accepted by Adanna--I was surprised by how much the acceptance lifted my mood.

I don't send out as many poetry packets as I once did, and I tend to send more out in the fall, when more journals are open to submissions.  When I got the acceptance, I went through my submission log to make sure I didn't need to withdraw the poem from consideration elsewhere.

I wrote the poem a year ago--some of my submissions that have yet to garner a response were sent out before I composed the poem.

But going through my submission log, I was surprised by how few submissions are still outstanding.  Even though it's summer and there are few journals that are accepting submissions, I need to start making some more submissions.

Some months I manage to send out several submissions a week, and it's usually by doing one submission here in a free 15 minutes and one submission the next day in a smidge of free time.  I need to get back to doing that.

Let me begin today!

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