Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Stresses and the Relief

It's certainly been a stressful few weeks, full of lay-offs at work, and home repairs, and difficult news from across the world--and yesterday I found out that my biopsy reveals another skin cancer, this time on my nose.

How do I know I am stressed?  Let me count the ways:

--For the past two nights, I haven't been able to sleep past 2:30 a.m.  But the plus side:  I've watched the moon rise in the east, as I've been at my writing desk.  It's a half moon, so not as dramatic as a full moon, but beautiful nonetheless.

The birds erupt in riotous song periodically throughout the wee hours of the morning--another plus of being awake.

--I have been eating lots of calories this week:  pasta and pizza and wine.  But is it stress eating or just the chance to go out with friends?  Monday's small pizza was a way to limit calories at the Italian restaurant for a dinner with friends before a movie.  Yesterday it was comfort eating:  a baked pasta dish with lots of cheese.  Tonight will be pizza again--but tomorrow I'll step up the exercise.

--I have begun to feel anxious about all the adjuncts I've just hired.  Although they're all professionals, I worry that I need to do more to make sure they're ready for the start of class. 

--I've also begun to feel fretful as I wonder if there's some task I've overlooked.  I do have some tasks, like an annual review or two, but as with many things, I can't move ahead until I get information from others.

Luckily, a long week-end approaches--I will take Friday off to have a 4 day week-end.  How will I get ready for the weeks to come?

--I will take care of basic chores like cleaning.

--I will trim the shrubbery.

--I will do some cooking, to have some lunches tucked away in the freezer.

--I will do some writing, along with other paperwork.

--I will take naps.

--I will cut up melons--and eat them!

--I will read.

This list never changes does it?  But there are days when I think that doing the basic chores of home care leads me to a sense of self-care.  Having food that's portable and ready--that's self-care too--self-care which will keep me from too many calories in the coming weeks.

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