Sunday, December 4, 2016

Insights from a Motorcycle Ride

I don't have much time to write this morning.  I'm in charge of all the church services this morning, including some breakfast, so soon I will make a mad dash to the grocery store, and then off to church!

But first, let me capture some thoughts about yesterday's motorcycle ride:

--It's been a time of less motorcycle riding for both of us.  Mistakes were made, but luckily, nothing drastic.  Still, it was not the relaxing ride of times past.

--Usually I like riding in a group, but yesterday was maddening.  We'd speed up, then slow down suddenly.  On and on it went like that.  Grr.

--It was windy.  Had my spouse not been looking forward to the ride, I'd have suggested that we cancel it--the winds were forecast to be 15-20 mph, and that's not fun on a bike.

--The ride took us through the Upper Keys, which was beautiful, as always.

--At times, I saw the new houses being built within yards of the Atlantic, with its hungry, hungry mouth.  I wondered what people were thinking.  I wondered how long they'd be able to insure their property.

--But then, I'd get the occasional view that made me remember the great beauty that surrounds these little islands.  That's why people continue to build there.

--I need to remember that when I feel stuck in my writing, I should just take a long ride, whether it's in the car or on a motorcycle.

--Just after Halloween, I started a short story with no real plan.  I just wanted to write down some thoughts about costumes.  Yesterday, I realized that I'm writing about one of the corporate women who comes down to make some important decisions about the school.

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