Sunday, December 18, 2016

One Week Before Christmas

Today I turned in my last batch of grades.  I let myself feel satisfied for a few minutes, and then I changed my password for the community college, and went to the online platform, the learning management system.

Grrr.  The whole interface has changed.  I'm sure that I'll get used to it, but it seems like every time I get secure about navigating an interface, we must change it so that it looks better on people's phones.  Again I say grr.

And yes, I am deeply aware that these are first world problems.  But I'm also aware of how much time I've already wasted trying to teach myself the new interface and how my good mood has evaporated because of it.  I have that foggy brain that comes from working on computer issues, that longing to look away from the screen, the headachy feel, the grouchiness.

So, let me try to recover my sense of calm.  Let me remember that a week from now will be Christmas (I almost wrote Thanksgiving--an interesting slip).  Let me remember to light the Advent candles at the end of the day.  There aren't that many days left.

I see a dynamic in my mind that is usual for this time of year.  The first week of Advent, I light the candles several times, perhaps every night.  Then I get alarmed at how the candle has burnt down.  What if we don't have any part of the first candle left by the time we get to fourth week of Advent?  Then I become more and more hesitant to light the candles at all.

I realize that there's an obvious lesson here.  But it's still hard for me to go ahead and light them.

Tonight I will.  And in between now and the Advent lighting, I will go to church, where it is my turn to lead the interactive service--stay tuned for news of the manger scenes made from found objects and what lessons we learn.  I will stop on the way home to find some small gift for my Secret Santa at work.

Let me post an Advent picture to remind me to take this time to appreciate the holiday season that is zooming right on by.

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