Friday, July 28, 2017

The Hecticity of the Last Week of July

Some day, perhaps I will wonder why I didn't blog more about politics.  It's been a dizzying time, after all.  I find myself shaking my head and wondering what will come next.  And it's always been something that surprises me and shocks me, just when I think I can no longer be shocked.  I find myself wondering why people can't act like grown ups.

I am most distressed by the attempt to roll back human rights.  Or am I most distressed by how we seem ready to treat the poor?

This morning I'm happy about the defeat of the Senate health care plan, if we can call it a plan.  I know that we will have more gridlock because of it--wait, can we have more, if nothing is getting done anyway?  I don't care--I don't want these folks to take much action.

I find myself having good weeks at work, even as I'm distressed about the national scene.  One of the advantages of a small campus with enthusiastic people is that it's easy to organize events.  This week the moon pies and the eclipse viewing glasses arrived--it's going to be a good August!

I find myself getting ready to enjoy the summer, even as summer seems to be winding down for most people.  This is the last week that our camp counselors are on duty--and in a week or two, they report to campus to get everything ready for the students who will be arriving in mid-August.

I've felt frustrated over my inability to finish writing a short story.  But this week, a poem came to me out of some Facebook posts; I put them on paper, new images came to me, and voila!  A poem.   I was happy.

Today it's off to a conference that's in Ft. Lauderdale, the FAPSC conference.  I'm presenting!  I'll do a workshop that I did at my past school:  Using Haiku to Assess Student Learning.  I am hoping that the technology works, but I have a plan if it doesn't.

But first spin class--time to head out.

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