Sunday, February 4, 2018

Free Form Saturday

Yesterday was one of those days where we got some invitations, most notably to the spinathon at the Wellness Center.  But I'd been preserving yesterday's wide open space, since we won't have many unscheduled Saturdays between now and Easter.

While I wanted my time to be unstructured by others' plans for it, I did have a lot to accomplish.  How did I succeed? Let me count the ways:

--I took the car in for an oil change and to get an alignment.  I also ended up getting 2 new front tires, probably because it had been out of alignment for so long.  I thought about seeing how much more mileage I could get out of my tires, but because I have car travel coming up in March and April, and because I don't have a lot of time to spend on car repair, I decided to just go ahead and have it taken care of now.

--I continued to make progress on my great sorting project, which meant that I had books to take to the library to donate.

--I've now completed 10 days of the natural vitamin supplement that I bought from the holistic foot doctor back in November.  They really helped me with not only my foot pain but my morning back pain, so I decided to get some more.  I note this achievement because it took finding a time when parking in downtown Hollywood would be easy, and then because I couldn't just buy a bottle of capsules, but I had to talk to a sales associate who kept trying to make me a deal if I'd just buy 10 bottles or 5 bottles or . . .  What should have been a quick popping into the store on the way back to the library became a 15 minute interchange.

--We made homemade pizza which is fun and messy and tiring all at once.

--We returned home from Thanksgiving with a frozen turkey carcass.  We popped it in the freezer until we had time to make stock.  Yesterday, we had time, and so we did--and now we have some space in the freezer.

--Back in December when the foundation repair work was done in the cottage, I moved the TV into the front bedroom of the main house, by which I mean it sat in the floor, unplugged and useless.  Yesterday, I found a way to make it usable in the back bedroom, where we sleep.  We spent some post-pizza time watching PBS and dozing.

--We took a walk to the marina, one of my favorite destinations.  We sat on our bench at the marina and watched the light change as the sun left us.

--I started the day with all sorts of plans of what I would cook, but by the end of the day, I didn't feel like cooking or eating any of it.  Happily, we had cheese and crackers on hand, so I could indulge in my favorite meal:  cheese, crackers, and wine.

Let me be honest about the things I thought I/we would do and didn't get around to:

--There's a corner of the tile above the bathtub that needs to be re-caulked.  I stopped at Home Depot on Friday to get the caulk, but we didn't get the caulking done.

--I had thought about creating some sort of art project with hurricane damaged stuff as an Ash Wednesday creation.  I had a vision for the drawer from a ruined chest of drawers as a sort of Cornell box.  I completely forgot about it.

--There are always chores to be done that we don't get to or finish:  weeding, edging, planting, cleaning of all sorts.

--I didn't get any writing done beyond morning blogging.  But it was the kind of week where I got writing and writing related tasks done throughout the week, so getting writing done on a Saturday didn't feel as pressing.

--I didn't get heavy-duty grading done for my online classes.  But there's time for that.

So, overall, it was a nourishing Saturday, a great mix of chores and activities that bring me joy.

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