Saturday, February 24, 2018

What's Making Me Happy at Week's End

This morning, I made this Facebook post:  "I am drinking my coffee black this morning; those of you who know me may remember that I usually have a bit of coffee with my sweetened milk that has cocoa powder in it. I wish I could say that I'm saving a lot of calories with my black coffee this morning, but since I'm eating a donut from yesterday's meeting, I'm probably consuming more calories than usual. It's from Dandee Donuts, so it's worth the calories."

Yes, it's been another week of meetings and e-mails, a mix of hectic pace and more relaxed time.  The meetings went well--hurrah!  We had a Readiness Series presentation on Time Management, an all-school meeting (but without students), a Davie-Cooper City Chamber of Commerce Education Committee meeting, and a meeting with the principal of a charter school--no wonder I was tired by yesterday.

Let me make a list of what's making me happy at the end of the week:

--My spouse's sister is in town.  Last night, we walked to the beach and had a seafood pizza at the organic brewery--delicious pizza, delicious beer, and a beautiful view.

--We walked down to the bandshell, where a band played all sorts of music.  I loved seeing the toddler in a tutu twirling to "American Girl."  But what was even better was the older woman in a wheelchair rocking out to "I Want You to Want Me."

--This morning, after I made the Facebook post, I went to the WalMart Neighborhood Market, where I got all sorts of good deals.  The best deal:  canned pumpkin on clearance for 75 cents a can.  I thought there was a pumpkin shortage, so I was surprised to see that the store had so much pumpkin left.  Autumn must be completely behind us if we're trying to get rid of the pumpkin.  I bought 6 cans and would have bought more if I had storage space.

--Today we will go to see Wicked.  I read the book long ago and loved the concept, but I've never seen the play.  In fact, I'm still a bit amazed that I spent so much on these tickets.  Sigh.  I worry that the full-throated singing will bug me.  I'm hoping that I have this dread because I've just seen so many bad interpretations of "Popular."

--Tomorrow will be a family afternoon after church:  my spouse's sister, her grown up daughter, my spouse's brother, his wife, and perhaps their children.  I've bought the food, and that makes me happy.  I am taking various paths of least resistance:  a variety of grilled meat plus grilled cabbage, roasted potato chunks (the family prefers mashed potatoes, but I'm not making mashed potatoes for so many people), and ice cream for dessert.

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