Monday, February 5, 2018

Super Bowl Sunset

Last night, I took some books and the DVD of Testament back to the library.  I liked seeing the movie again, but I don't want to pay for it.

I often take materials back to the library on a Sunday night, often at the same time (6:00-6:30); I know, because the same program is on NPR.  Usually there's not much traffic.  Last night was different.

I also noticed lots of people with lots of visitors:  more cars in driveways than usual.  I realized how many people must be having Super Bowl parties.

I came home and wrote this Facebook post:

"I will not be watching the Super Bowl. I don't like football. Most of my friends don't like football. I will not be going to a Super Bowl party. I haven't been invited to a Super Bowl party since high school, and that invitation was only because I was part of a church youth group, so we were all invited. Why do these musings leave me slightly sad and deeply aware of my outsider status?"

Let me be clear:  I was not really hoping for a last minute invite to watch the Super Bowl.  I don't want to spend hours that way.

To be honest, I was sad before I had this realization.  I often feel a bit of Sunday Sadness as the week-end comes to a close.  And when we've had a good week-end, it makes it even harder to face the Sunday sunset.

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