Sunday, March 18, 2018

Managing Time

I am looking at my schedule, trying to figure out when I will go see A Wrinkle in Time.  I want to support that movie so that more movies like that one will be made--not for me, so much, as I can hardly find time to see a movie these days.  But there are others who will need movies like that one.  Plus, I think it's a big screen movie.

Maybe I will leave work and see it on Tuesday evening.  I don't want to wait too long--the movie will be gone soon, I fear, although it's had a good opening.

Part of me wonders how my life has come to this.  Once I had trouble affording movies in their newest release, but those were days of the dollar movies.  I used to say, "Everything comes to the dollar movies, if you wait long enough."  Now we can watch in any number of ways, but I often can't remember any recent releases that appealed enough to me to remember the name to summon it up on some streaming device.

Yesterday, we had book group at my house.  I say "book group," and you probably envision a regularly scheduled thing.  Nope.  The last time we met was in June to discuss The Underground Railroad.  Yesterday, we discussed The Sellout.  Next time (perhaps by August) we may choose something lighter in subject matter.

We may meet in August, or we may meet only when one of us reads a book that is so wonderful we must discuss it with someone.  It's a strange book club, but it works for me.  If a group insisted on a monthly meeting, I don't know that I could do it.

Right now, so many of my friendships are similar.  I try to see people often, but it's shocking to me how quickly the time goes by between our times together.

It's Sunday morning, and soon we will go to church.  It's one of the few standing appointments that I am often able to make.  Would there be others, if I made the effort to have a standing friend appointment?

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