Thursday, August 8, 2013

Back Down from the Mountain

I have been away, although you might not have realized it, because I left behind some writings to post while I was gone.

I've been up to one of the higher points in the southeast U.S., the Grandfather/Sugar/Beech Mountain area in North Carolina.  It was chilly!  I'm glad I threw in my fleece jacket at the last minute.  Down here at sea level, it's been hot so long that I don't remember what cold feels like.

I may write more about my trip in coming posts, but suffice it to say, I had a great time being off the grid.  I read, I spent time with family, I hiked, and then I read some more.

I returned home, and I still feel a bit off the grid.  Our phone number had yet to migrate to the new house.  So, more hours on the phone with the telecom company.  It seems to be working now.

I have a computer that needs to be wired to get Internet connection, and the modem is several rooms away.  I'm still working on that issue.  Maybe it's the universe telling me it's time to buy a laptop (or get the old one fixed).

And then, there's the issue of the unmoved stuff and the old house that needs to be on the market, if we want a buyer--and we do, we do want a buyer!  Slowly but surely, we're making our way towards completing those tasks.

I'm beginning to feel that despair that's never far away:  the despair that says I'll never write again, I'll never be settled in the new house, I'll never sort through all these possessions--and how did I come to accumulate so much stuff anyway?

But I remind myself of all the other times I felt that way:  sooner or later, these things sort themselves out.

And I remind myself that I have been writing:  I've been working on projects that actually pay money.  I could get back to poetry.  And I will.

Before Monday, I will write a poem about house possessions that references those creepy movies that came out in the 70's.  But it won't be a house of horror.  No, the house in my poem will seduce.

And I'll continue to enjoy this down time.  The advantage to having a computer that has yet to be configured is that I can read in the early morning hours. 

I'll read, once I get a poem written.  Then I'll feel like my old self--or at least a little closer.

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