Saturday, August 3, 2013

Cheap Pizza Poolside

It's hard to believe that just two weeks ago, we'd have been getting up early and heading over to the U-Haul place.  I've written before about that day and how well it went.  I've written this post about moving day gratitude.

I didn't write about the end of the day, which was also lovely.  We moved one last load by ourselves and returned the U-Haul.  We loaded up the car at the old house and headed to the new house.

We unloaded the car, and then we changed into our suits.  I thought I had brought cheese and crackers, which I did, but I didn't bring a knife.  I managed to saw a hunk of cheese with a plastic knife, and we floated in the pool.

My spouse really wanted pizza, but we had no phone to call for it, no Internet to place an order.  I offered to go to Little Caesar's to see if they had their $5 special or if that was just on week days.

I was inordinately thrilled to find that the offer was good every day.  I got a large cheese and a large pepperoni. 

After we sprayed ourselves with bug spray to keep the mosquitoes away, we opened a bottle of wine and sat by the pool.  The seller had left behind some mismatched plates, and we put a paper towel on them and ate our pizza.

Was it great pizza?  No, of course not.  But it was hot and cheap and the Little Caesar's workers had been in a cheerful mood.  I tend to think of all commercial pizza as somewhat industrial, so getting a commercial pizza for just $5 made me happy out of all realms of proportion.

With food in our stomachs, it was fairly easy to get our bedroom set up.  We left the other rooms for later and fell into a deep sleep in a house that already felt familiar.

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