Sunday, July 22, 2018

Boxing Up Possessions on a Saturday

One of my Create in Me friends took a pair of shoes from this:

She transformed them completely:

(for the complete set of pictures, see this post on my theology blog).

I saw her Facebook post early yesterday morning, and between that post and the afterglow from seeing the Frank Stella exhibit, I was yearning to be more creative yesterday.  Alas, there was not much time for creativity.  We have reached the point where we need to make serious progress getting the house ready for the great flooring project, which we expect to start in August.

So I spent much of yesterday boxing up half the house.  Some of it was already boxed, and I thought I might sort through those boxes.  I have several boxes of photos, etc. from childhood and teenage years. Sorting will take a lot of time. Safer to leave them all boxed up--I realized that after opening some boxes just to be sure they were labeled correctly and getting lost in a picture or two.

Interesting how pictures and certain inks are fading. For some years, I wrote with purple pens--that ink does not hold up well. Happily, most of the important writing--in my journals--was done in a different ink.  And now my journals are in plastic tubs which will be more waterproof than the cardboard boxes I had them in before.  The hurricane season of 2017 has made me look at everything with new eyes.

Of course, it's not only hurricanes that threaten our possessions.  I arrived home on Friday to find another palm frond had fallen onto the most damaged motorcycle.  At this rate, we may not even bother trying to restore it.  So much needs to be done, and that motorcycle is not a priority.

I know that some day, I'll look back and be amazed that we got so much done.  But I am stuck in the present, overwhelming moment, where I know how much needs to be done.

But now I must be on my way.  I'm in charge of church.  Let's see, it's the Feast Day of Mary Magdalene--what might happen?

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