Monday, July 9, 2018

Report on a Mini Vacation

I try to be careful when I write about our trips, although I suspect we're in more danger from people on the ground who notice our quiet house than from anyone on social media who might read about our trips.

On Thursday, we drove up to Orlando for the huge Barbershop competition.  My dad's group was competing, as they often do each year--but usually, it's not easy for me to get to the competition site to see the competition.  Orlando, though, is an easy drive.

Although we knew it would be a short time together, we knew it would be worth it.  My sister and my nephew spent the whole week, but my spouse and I had commitments that kept us in town until Thursday.  My dad's competition was Friday, so late Thursday afternoon, we zipped up there.

My parents have some Marriot time share points, so we all stayed at the Cypress Harbor resort--lovely 2 bedroom condos, and we had 2 of them while we were there, so it was downright luxurious.  I get up much earlier than the rest of my family, and it was wonderful to have a beautiful space where I could be up and not disturb everyone else.  On Friday, we spent a big chunk of the day at the competition, but we were close enough that we could come back to the condo for meals.  On Saturday, we spent much of the day by the pool.

We were lucky both ways, in that we had no traffic issues.  The weather was mostly beautiful.  But when the heat brought us storms, we had a covered porch that overlooked a small lake where we sat enjoying the view and the sound of the rain. 

It was wonderful to be with my family, even though it was short.  We left wishing we had more time, which is a great way to end a vacation.

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