Saturday, July 28, 2018

Notes from a Graduation

Last night was graduation--I love graduation.  As an administrator, I often hear about when things aren't going well for students.  Last night was a great reminder that for many of them, things go well more often than not.

I used to think it was only the Fashion Design students at my old school who wore outrageous heels that look dangerous to me, but at some point, those heels have passed over to regular culture too.  Or maybe it's just a South Florida thing.

When I think back to last night, I want to remember the choir from the local middle school that sang the national anthem.  We needed a way to get them to the auditorium, so they came to our campus where a limousine was waiting.  One of the middle school girls said, "I'm so excited--we get to ride in a limo!"

Plenty of other people were excited yesterday too, but not because they were riding in a limo--it's wonderful to see how thrilled people are about a graduation.  I used to wish we could maintain a level of proper decorum, but now I just let the enthusiasm wash over me.  Now I smile.  Now I think about how many younger family members might be in the audience, and I hope that they feel inspired to set their sights on college some day.

I was surprised by how many graduating students had decorated their caps--and not haphazardly, but with true artistic intent.  I wanted to create an art display around them, but it's likely too late.  Let me remember for next year--I need to bring a camera with me.

This morning, I've been tired and achy.  I spent lots of hours on my feet yesterday--and a Friday evening graduation makes for a long work day.

I will take Monday off.  The Great Flooring Project begins on Wednesday, and I'm going to need some extra time.  But it's a good idea anyway.  I've been feeling increasingly frazzled, and I didn't have anything on my calendar for Monday.

In the future, let me remember to take the Monday off after graduation, let me remember to keep that day open.

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